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David Cameron ‘does God’ in fuzzy, sort-of-Anglican way

David Cameron ‘does God’ in fuzzy, sort-of-Anglican way

David-cameronWe all suspected that when Alastair Campbell told journalists that Tony Blair did not ‘do God’, this was because of the uncomfortable truth that the then British Prime Minister did God rather too well for comfort. Best to ignore his faith altogether than have to face questions about praying with President Bush about going to war or deny reports of pending conversion to Rome that everyone knew would turn out to be true. Denialism is after all a heresy not listed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church – yet.

It is a relief for those of us who have to fish facts from this slippery net with our pens to discover that will be no need for any comparable Christian coyness from David Cameron’s advisers. How reassuring to discover that  Cameron’s version of doing God is so very Church of English.

This revelation comes in an interview with Evening Standard editor Geordie Greig, published today.

Interesting how so many of our political leaders have significant links to the Christian faith.